Here come the January 6th criminal referrals

Never underestimate the January 6th committee. It is made of strong and patriotic individuals who are smart and clearly know what they are doing. Many of you have asked in the comment section what happens if certain subpoenaed people do not show up.

I wrote in another article that I think it would be great news. I believe that it would be a guarantee this probe would last a long time — and would likely go into the 2022 election period. I would LOVE that to happen.

I want the American people to SEE the disdain that Republicans feel for our country and for their constituents. I want them to UNDERSTAND it. I want undecided voters to witness the lawlessness.

But the Chair of the committee, Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, seems ready for whatever childish games the GOP tries to play. Speaking with reporters, Thompson said this: “The committee will probably for those who don’t agree to come in voluntarily, we’ll do criminal referrals and let that process work out.”


I must say this piqued my interest. I would kind of like to see that. Wouldn’t you? But I do hope — and I believe — that at least some of those subpoenaed will show. And if they do not? Well, something tells me the committee’s got this.

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