Greg Abbott is one sick SOB

If for some crazy reason you don’t despise Gov. Greg Abbott already, here is another reason. He wants it to be illegal to be homeless in Austin, Texas where he lives.

Abbott recently tweeted his support and urged voters to vote yes for Proposition 8 in Austin, Texas, making it illegal to camp or even sleep on a park bench in Austin, the Capitol city where Abbott works and lives. Proposition 8 is directly aimed at getting homeless people off the streets in Austin, Texas and thrown in jail, so that hopefully they’ll move on to some other City or stay in jail so that Abbott and those like him won’t have to be bothered with seeing the results of their idiotic and heartless Republican policies, which help no one but the rich.

Like the numerous immigrants seeking asylum at our borders, the homeless have no rights and are not to be seen or heard from in Texas, as far as Abbott is concerned. He is one heartless SOB.

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