Great new numbers for President Biden

Two new polls focused on President Biden’s current infrastructure plans show he has higher approval than other recent polls. A CBS News poll showed Biden’s general approval rating to be closely linked to his infrastructure plans, with both receiving 58% approval.

A Monmouth University Poll showed 68% approve (29% oppose) the first part of Biden’s infrastructure plan, focused on roads and bridges, broadband internet, and electric vehicle investment. 64% approve a “large spending plan” expanding “healthcare and childcare” and providing “paid leave and college tuition,” which Biden will unveil this week. These numbers are much higher than the recent ABC News poll showing only 52% support Biden’s infrastructure plans, and a Fox News poll showing only 49% approve.

The Monmouth poll also showed 65% approve paying for infrastructure with tax hikes on wealthy individuals, while 64% approve corporate tax hikes. In the CBS news poll, 71% approved tax hikes on corporations and the wealthy, while only 42% supported user fees.

Interestingly, the CBS News poll gave Biden’s infrastructure plans much higher marks when described separately, without Biden’s name attached: 87% approve more spending on roads and bridges; 85% on water pipes; 83% on elderly home care; 78% on broadband; 73% on public schools; and six out of ten approve more spending on electric cars and railways.

Americans are obviously trending towards wanting government to do more for them vs. less. Government is not the problem — it’s the solution. This is great news for Democrats in general, and not so good news for Washington Republicans, who are losing touch with traditionally Republican voters. President Biden is keenly aware we can achieve so much more together than alone, and Americans agree.

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