Good riddance to the bipartisan January 6th commission

It was reported earlier in the Palmer Report and elsewhere that the Republican congressional leaders, led by Senate minority leader Moscow Money Mitch McConnell and House minority leader Meathead Mike McCarthy, have come out against impaneling a congressional commission to investigate the January 6 insurrection.

While many media pundits are lamenting this lack of Republican cooperation in the investigation, I say good riddance! A congressional commission with open public hearings would merely give a platform to the Republican insurrectionist party to throw up smoke screens in an attempt to obscure their involvement in the insurrection conspiracy and the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

The Trumpublicans would attempt to change the subject of the hearings from the insurrection to race baiting blither about alleged rioting in liberal cities, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the Big Trump Election Lie, and other off-topic distractions.

As was pointed out in the Palmer Report article mentioned above, the new Attorney General and Department of Justice are doing a thorough investigation into the Jan. 6 uprising. I can hardly wait for some Trumpublican congressional members to end up being implicated and even indicted for their complicity on the attack on our democracy.

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