Good news for President Biden

President Biden just keeps knocking it out of the park. And we couldn’t be more proud! Now there is more good news for President Joe Biden. (I do love those words!).

In a new poll conducted in Arizona’s great state, findings show Biden with a majority approval rating in the state. OH Predictive insights conducted a poll of Arizona voters in March and found Biden has an approval rating of 55% with 39 disproving.

That is huge for the President, and this number is higher than when Arizonians voted for him. At that point, he received close to 50% of Arizona’s vote. So, this poll shows Biden’s approval numbers have gone UP in the Grand Canyon state.

Arizona was always going to go purple. Its demographics have been changing rapidly, and the state has an independent streak, as shown by its electing two Democratic Senators. None of this should have been a surprise to the GOP. Yet the GOP seemed honestly gobsmacked at losing there.

This poll will not be welcome news, of course, to the GOP, who are already hard at work to make it more difficult to vote in Arizona. The GOP knows it cannot win by having legitimate elections. So that is why they are introducing so much monstrous legislation to recapture some blue or purple states.

Luckily, we, the people, are not going to let the GOP get away with it. This poll shows what we have known all along: people are tired of the lies of Republicans and think highly of our new President. Kudos to President Biden, and let’s keep up the great work.

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