Good news for Joe Biden

I just love it when there is good news. And there certainly is some great news for the Democrats. According to an SP-NORC poll, Biden’s approval stands at a stunning Sixty-One percent!

In addition to this news, voters also gave President Biden high marks on his handling of the Pandemic. Seventy-one percent approve of Biden’s handling of the pandemic. These numbers are outstanding. The Democrats should be deeply proud, as should President Biden and all his Cabinet members.

The reason people are responding to President Biden is because he genuinely cares about people, and they can sense it.

Biden leads our country with dignity, grace, and kindness. Compare that to the former guy who didn’t lead at all. Biden is also keeping his word on his campaign promises. He is working to do good, and the American people see it.

But this is precisely the time we cannot afford to get careless. Right now, America is on an upswing. So, let’s keep it that way. We still have much work to do. There is, in fact, another Political Party. It’s a lying, grifting, pathetic party filled with idiots and cowards, but it is nonetheless a political party. And we have more elections coming up that we need to win! So, now is not the time to sit back and rest.

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