Fox News just reached a whole new low

Sociopaths and narcissists permeate every aspect of America. Contrary to popular belief, one does not have to be a murderer to be a sociopath. And though I am not a psychologist, it is my firm belief that many over on Troll TV (Fox News) are, in fact, sociopaths.

Sociopaths cannot feel, and they cannot empathize. Their entire makeup of personality is “me, me, me.” They are constantly scheming to get what they want. People are nothing to them except props, essentially dolls to be trotted out and played with when the sociopath wants something. The sociopath has no concept of kindness, honesty, respect, or empathy.

Sounds like the former guy, right? Well, I believe that Trump is undoubtedly a narcissist and most likely a sociopath as well. But the people I am referring to are not Trump. They are some of the “hosts” on Troll TV. The latest defense of Congressman Gaetz (insurrection Party-Florida) for Troll TV seems to be Hunter Biden.

He’s back in the news (or whatever it is that Fox hosts think is news). The looks of righteous indignation are there. The lying manifesto of hate is firmly back in one Tucker Carlson’s repertoire. And the Troll TV hosts are again, like the rats they are, busy explaining why this non-story is a story.

They’re getting a bit of help from their alt-right fans who are busily flitting across Twitter spreading their hate. And the target is Hunter, whom they claim the media is ignoring.

The Troll TV act is tiresome, and these attacks will not change anything for Gaetz. It is almost amusing. It’s sort of like a meth dealer tweeting how marijuana users are breaking the law. But hypocrisy is thy name at Troll TV. Sadly for them, all their inane babble is doing is showing their complete lack of competence.

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