Fox News is lying to you about this too

There is a lie being promulgated on Fox News that I have wanted to write about for some time now, but Fox News has promulgated so many more blatant and interesting lies lately, I figured no one would be interested, or it would just appear I was nitpicking. But it has really been bothering me, so here goes.

Fox News keeps claiming President Biden either expects us to all be driving electric vehicles by 2030, or it will require all of us to be driving electric vehicles by 2030 in order for Biden to meet his goal of cutting climate-related emissions in half by then, which is an impossible feat. This is sometimes accompanied by false claims that if Biden is re-elected, sometime between now and 2030, gasoline will no longer be available. One day you’ll go to your local gas station or Walmart, and the pumps will just be gone. None of these claims are true.

President Biden’s goal is for over half of the vehicles in use by 2030 to be electric. That is also what scientists agree will likely be necessary in order for Biden to meet or beat his 2030 emission goals. The goal to eliminate fossil fuels is somewhere around the middle of the century (2050).

Electric vehicles are also expected to be much less expensive than cars running on gasoline once they are being mass produced, because they are generally less expensive to make — requiring less man hours and less parts than a gasoline engine system. I’m planning to buy an electric vehicle soon, but I also plan on driving my old jeep periodically until it dies, just because I’m fond of it.


I’m glad I got that off my chest. I feel much better.

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