Fox News host Tucker Carlson completely unravels

The legend of Queen Cleopatra is timeless. After she was forced from her throne and into exile by her brother King Ptolemy, she boldly fought back. When Julius Caesar arrived in Egypt, the mighty queen had one of her guards roll her into a carpet and enter the palace, saying he had a gift for the conqueror.

The gift turned out to be Cleopatra herself, who was successfully smuggled into the palace, using this ruse. It was daring, it was powerful, and she won Caesar to her side and succeeded in getting her crown back.

And the Democrats need to be bold. Because as well as things are going, there is still quite a bit of hate out there. We can’t rest on our laurels.

Last night, Tucker Carlson went nuts again and advocated for his viewers to confront not only people who wear masks outside but to call the police on any families with children wearing their masks outdoors.

I’ve suspected for a while Tucker would become more unhinged. He is dissembling quickly now. But it’s a calculated dissembling, and that is important.

He’s getting bolder and more arrogant. He is going just to the edge of legality. I am deeply concerned about this latest rant of his. You should be too.

So, we need to keep up the pressure with his last remaining advertisers. Now is not the time to pull back. I do not think even this abhorrent behavior will get him canceled because Fox shares his love of hate speech and propaganda.


It is upon us to continue to go after his advertisers and continue to make others aware of his hate so they can join us in this fight. Tucker Carlson is dangerous. We all know it. And like Cleopatra, who refused to give up, we mustn’t either.

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