Fox News hits the panic button

Fox entertainment network (Fox News) could certainly never be accused of being fair. The Non News network wears its lies and propaganda proudly. The network is wrapped in hatred and dishonesty as they repeatedly and dangerously encourage the anger that festers within MAGA viewers. And sometimes, it is necessary to call their behavior out.

This nation was stunned by horror on January Sixth, 2021. We witnessed a brutal terrorist attack, not from a foreign country but by some of our fellow Americans. It was a dark and tragic day that will live in history for all eternity. Most individuals who witnessed what happened were rightly horrified. The dark memories of that awful day linger on.

And nobody was hurt more by that day than our men in blue. The Capitol police were assaulted, punched, kicked, called terrible racist names, and forced to face down mobs of hateful and venomous American terrorists. My heart goes out to them. The “heart” of Fox Non-news does not.

MeidasTouch, a liberal activism group, had created an ad about that bloody day. It featured many Capitol Police Officers speaking about what they saw and what was done to them.

But Fox Propaganda is refusing to air the ad. Reportedly, Meidas had placed the ad buy when Fox canceled, saying they would not allow this ad on their station.

It would appear that the Network of hate is very scared that their viewers might get to see what occurred on January Sixth. They do not want this to happen, most likely because it could destroy the GOP narrative that the January Sixth attack was not an attack at all.

Fox will most likely come to regret this move as the events of that day will remain with us and remain discussed. However, with their attempt at censorship, Fox has told us all we need to know about whose side they’re on.

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