Former Ron DeSantis employees begin dishing out dirt on him

Oh no! There are no good, very bad issues emerging for Governor Ron DeSantis (idiot-sedition party-Florida). Before I get into the weeds on this story, a word about DeSantis, I am seeing so many comments about how difficult it will be to beat him. Some say it will be impossible.

Nonsense. DeSantis barely won last time, and he is not well-liked despite what the media tells you. He is unlikable and brash. And he’s an idiot. And now there is some more news leaking out about the cranky Governor.

Per Politico: Desantis has some former employees who do not like him. According to this article, DeSantis treats his employees like “expendable widgets.” There is high turnover in his office, and working for him isn’t known to be a pleasant experience.

In addition, there appears to be a Ron DeSantis “support group.” These former DeSantis staffers have regular meetings to talk about their horrible work experiences and offer each other support. And some of these work experiences have been brutal.

In one case, according to Politico, DeSantis actually had the leader of the Florida GOP fire a worker who had just returned to work after having surgery from cancer.

These staffers prefer to remain anonymous, and I cannot say I blame them. The Governor has made it clear he has a vengeful side.

If and when this Floridian clown attempts reelection, all of this and more will come pouring out. The Governor has made many enemies. And with the right candidate, we can win and finally be rid of the destructive Governor and his horrible policies for good.

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