Feds crack down on Trump stooge Jacob Wohl

Last year GQP creeps Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman decided it would be a great idea to send out robocalls discouraging people the most likely to vote Democratic from voting. These robocalls told voters that credit card companies and law enforcement would use personal information obtained when people went to vote against them. At the time Michigan hit them with felony charges for their voter suppression antics. Additionally, in May New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a separate action due to activities Wohl and Burkman had undertaken in New York.

And now comes news that the FCC is looking to impose a $5 million dollar fine against these two on the grounds that they violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). If that fine sticks it’ll be one of the largest fines ever imposed for a TCPA violation. While the two are looking to worm their ways out of the fine and are busily denying that they ever made these calls, the FCC did their homework and these two admitted under oath that they had ran a robocall campaign.

I’m glad that legal action is being taken against these two creeps and I hope if they go running to the former guy or the GQP for financial assistance neither suddenly has any idea who they are. If I had my way voter suppression, electoral fraud, and interference in the lawful succession of elective office would be among the very worst crimes one could commit, right up there with treason. These are crimes that strike at the very heart of democracy and allow criminals like the former guy to get elected. It’s time to take these crimes seriously, and we need to advocate for much harsher punishments for such crimes.

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