Fading Donald Trump can’t even keep his MAGA loons happy anymore

Could it be the MAGA crowd have soured on the magic that was Donald J. Trump? Is the Bloom off the Turd? Is the endless MAGA honey-moon over – at last?

As was well-publicized by MSM, Trump went back on the ‘campaign trail’ in Wellington, Ohio, 40 miles south-west of Cleveland. Due to the woeful habit of not paying his bills, there are many venues that refuse to rent to Trump until his out-standing bills are paid, which may explain the dubious choice of Wellington, Ohio.

Obviously relishing his appearance before a large crowd again, Trump proceeded to wander through his greatest hits in a rambling speech that lasted more than 90 minutes; rigged elections, nasty women (looking at you, Speaker Pelosi!), Hydroxychloroquine (really!) and, naturally, his inevitable return to the White House.

However, the curious thing was that so many of the aforementioned MAGA-mutts, heretofore englamoured by the word-salad tossed off by the Orange One, left the rally before it was done. Not just a few Antifa/BLM infiltrators, either; dozens – maybe hundreds – of red-hatted MAGA-cultists, their Trump T-shirts stretched tautly across their paunches, left the rally in droves!

It’s like going to see a magician– passed his prime – who performs the same tired, worn illusions for a crowd who has seen a dozen YouTube videos showing how each illusion is done. The ‘Masked Magician’ Trump is most assuredly NOT. Yet, here were his shop-worn beefs and debunked conspiracies; his whingeing and whining and kvetching about things long past and beyond reconcile.

To be fair, Trump did venture into new material; he insulted the military by calling American generals ‘woke’ (shudder) – the latest GOP catch-phrase to own the ‘Lib-tards’

As Brian Williams quipped, ‘Their thoughts turned from Trump to ‘Where did we leave the car?’.

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