Everything just changed in Texas

It’s happening people! It appears our prayers have been answered. Numerous reports are saying Beto O’Rourke is planning to launch a run for Texas Governor. Run Beto run!

This is fantastic news, but it means we have lots of work to do. This race will be winnable. But it will also be hard-fought. Do not make the mistake of thinking it will be easy.

For Texas, the best thing we can do is make sure we speak with EVERY voter in the state.
I mean it. Fliers will need to be everywhere. If you cannot design them please speak to a friend who can.

Door knocking will be imperative. So will phone banking. It will be of the utmost importance to make EVERY single female in the state aware of the handmaid’s law, and the possible repercussions.

Donations matter. We must do everything we did for Governor Newsom, but TRIPLE our efforts. There will be so much to do. But now we have the best candidate we could ever think of having. Welcome to the race Beto!

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