Everyone take a step back

Echoing what Mr. Palmer and Mr. Harrington have said in recent days I think Governor Cuomo should resign. I was dismayed to read many of the Facebook comments in support of Governor Cuomo and trying to make various excuses for him. For example, saying that because Kavanaugh hasn’t resigned or been impeached (which he should) Cuomo also shouldn’t step down. Or that Cuomo has permission to be touchy feely because he’s Italian. Or using the standard excuses that Republicans use about how the women complaining are too sensitive or it’s a political hit job when one of theirs is accused of similar conduct.

Being here in Iowa I have no real irons in this fire beyond wanting to ensure that no GOP person gets within a mile of the governor’s office and ensuring that former guy is held accountable. I’ve got my own bad GQP governor to worry about here without obsessing over Cuomo.

I fear that the longer Cuomo holds out the more damage he’ll do. I know most hardcore Branch Trumpvidians aren’t reading Palmer Report or our comments, but step back for a moment and think of how these comments look to the people in the middle that we want to get on our side in 2022 and 2024. It makes us look hypocritical to say these things when we’d never accept those excuses if Cuomo was a Republican.

It sucks, but we must be the better party. And that means holding our own accountable if a proper investigation shows not only is there smoke but there’s a nice big fire as well. No matter how much leadership they’ve showed, how popular they are with the base, or how much they got under the former guy’s skin like Cuomo did.

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