Everyone piles on after Lauren Boebert posts completely deranged video

It’s a sorry state of affairs when we have to pay to protect our legislators from other legislators and certain compatriots. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is an extremist on multiple levels who’s also in way over her head as a member of Congress. Owing to the insurrection on January 6th, the U.S. Capitol has increased security, like temporary barriers outside and magnetometers inside. The insurgents were violent in January, and the insurrection was deadly. Boebert is opposed to security measures that protect the Capitol from people like the insurgents she helped to incite and sought to abet.

During the attack, Boebert went so far as to tweet out the location of Speaker Pelosi. That alone is proof that she was on the side of the attackers and wanted to see chaos, harm, and destruction brought upon the Capitol and her congressional colleagues. Since the implementation of the enhanced security procedures, Boebert has been vociferously complaining about them and is using her exaggerated complaints as a way to fill her coffers.

Boebert has released a new fundraising advertisement that’s anti-Pelosi and pro-violence. What’s most disturbing is that the end of the video features the sounds of a gun being fired, reloaded, and then fired again. Boebert is clearly promoting vigilante violence. Boebert is already considered an abettor to the insurrectionists after her actions on the day of the attack, and she is known for being an unhinged enthusiast of firearms. The longer Boebert remains in Congress, the more dangerous she becomes.

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