Even for Trump fanatics, this is deranged

One of the favorite things of GQP members to complain about over the past year has been cancel culture and how liberals want to cancel everything. As the GQP has raised hypocrisy to the level of an art form, it should come as no surprise that Branch Trumpvidians have lately been trying to cancel Saturday Night Live (SNL) for being mean to the Orange Florida Retiree (OFR) by complaining to the FCC.

These Branch Trumpvidians cannot stand OFR being mocked and made fun of. They cannot stand how OFR is called out for his behavior and his actions. The GQP thinks if a TV show mentions OFR, it must only be to worship the ground he walks on and to tell viewers he walks on water.

Many of the complaints are about how mean and racist SNL is being to OFR. Or how they’re making fun of Barron. (I personally don’t care for jokes about OFR’s minor child in any event). Of course, these self-same Branch Trumpvidians had no problem when OFR or others in the GQP make crude, degrading, and/or racist remarks. A lot of these GQP people were saying “Hell yeah” and making Icehouse toasts when Rush Limbaugh insulted Chelsea Clinton back in the 90s when she was still a child. One complainer whined how SNL was insulting the President. Oh, please. These people came up with every code word imaginable for President Obama when it was clear they wanted to call him a racial slur and likely did behind closed doors.

As Jesus said, a person is a hypocrite to point out the specks in another’s eye while ignoring the giant redwood in one’s own eye. (Matt 7:3-5). Obviously, that has been redacted from the bibles most OFR supporters have read, so their behavior here is not surprising.

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