Even for Sean Hannity, this is just sad

Sean Hannity has done it again. Before I get into the specifics of what the fake host has done, let me start by speaking of something related directly to this propaganda spewing host. That is trolls.

Trolls are an annoyance that many put up with. Like bands of flies, trolls spread out, bringing with them an endless list of complaints coupled with tiresome negativity as they flit across the internet looking for the next place to spread their germs.

Perhaps you have encountered trolls. Palmer Report certainly has. Trolls are people who delight in insulting whatever movie, book, blog, idea people happen to be speaking about. You can recognize a troll because what they say is stupid and meaningless, like “This movie sucks” or “I hate this blog” or “the writing in this book sucks.”

And they do not just say these things once. They become parrots, repeating these comments over and over. They ruminate, hearts full of negativity waiting to pounce. They do this mainly because they have nothing else to do. And directing their energy toward things they DO like seems not to occur to them.

So, Monday night, Hannity exploded, pouring his hate onto President Biden and the Democrats. He said Dems were spreading “outright lies” about the voter suppression legislation in Georgia. He shrieked, and he wailed as troll hosts tend to do.

And this is why I bring up trolls. Fox is nothing more than Troll TV. It has never met a story it likes. I cannot recall one instance where any of the evening hosts reported optimistically about anything.


These hosts exist as trolls come to television, smug in their negativity, with perpetual scowls doing nothing but hurling insults. It must be a sad life. I cannot imagine walking a mile in their shoes. Nor would I want to.

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