Eric Trump swings and misses

Orange Florida Man (OFM)’s son Eric took to Twitter the other day. He posted tweet containing a URL that asked if people missed OFM yet? Probably he was expecting a whole boatload of people to respond, prostrate themselves in grief, and rant about how much they missed OFM.

Expectation did not meet reality in that case. Eric got ratioed in rather short order, with many people informing him that they did not miss his worthless father. This was probably one of my favorite tweets out of the whole bunch:

Sorry to dive into TMI territory here, but after surgery a few years ago, I had the worst case of constipation and was trying everything to pass the giant Trump that was stuck in there. I felt such relief when I was finally able to get that giant Trump out of my body and my doctor gave me something to help with any repeat giant Trumps that might come along. I mention this because I miss that constipation about as much as I do the OFM. As in not at all.


I don’t miss Eric’s worthless, criminal father at all. I don’t miss the cold sweats about whether OFM would launch WW III via Twitter, or the ones over him and his buddies trying to take the country back to the 1850s and dismantle our Constitutional democracy. I don’t miss having a 70 something toddler who would be serving multiple life sentences if not for daddy’s money in the White House. Eric got a taste of reality here that only daddy’s hard core Branch Trumpvidian base worships his father. Everyone else wishes he would go away.

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