Eric Trump goes completely bonkers

The former guy is a monster. That all of us pretty much know. And the spawn of this monster isn’t much better. Donald Trump Jr. has been receiving much attention lately. This is mainly because he is a moron. He has been engulfed in a Twitter meltdown that does not appear to be on its final legs and continues even as we speak.

But with all the talk of the former guy’s brainless offspring, let us remember something. That something is brother number two.

Eric Trump does not deserve to receive a free pass. While not as aggressive and boisterous as Junior, brother number two is, in his unique way, quite amusing and also clueless.

Eric Trump has also been active on Twitter. And never one to let Junior get all the credit, Eric is working hard to let the American people know that he too is deranged. Most of Eric’s tweets concern President Biden, the terrible job he is doing, and how the former guy could do better.

That alone is enough for Eric’s sanity to be scrutinized. But not content to be merely a little deranged, Eric is also retweeting people who are insisting his papa won the election. His proof? The Democrats are trying to stop the Arizona audit. He is also whining that his dolt of a dad is being harassed.


So, as the days go by and our nation continues to heal from the cruelty and stupidity of the former guy, let us be thankful that both brothers are banished and living in Twitter hell where Twitter ratios are their friends. In the meantime, the country continues its recovery while two sulky brothers slip into irrelevance.

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