Dumb and dumber

Unbelievably, there are at least two House Republicans who appear to be confused about the rules for security screening. Rep. Andrew Clyde, GA and Louie Gohmert, TX were fined $5,000 recently for not following security protocols. For some reason, they were confused about whether to get wanded or not.

Rep. Clyde refused to go through the metal detector. Rep. Gohmert had gone out of the House chamber, gone to the men’s room which was outside of the metal detector, and then returned to the House chamber without going through the metal detector. He indicated he expected to speak, so he had been in a rush to return to the House floor.

I can tell you that if you are at the county courthouse or at the airport, security expects you to go through the metal detector, possibly get wanded, and do that EVERY SINGLE TIME that you go through that barrier. The congresspeople know how to do that. They have flown several different times, for example, so they are familiar with airport security.

Second offense is a $10,000 fine from the congressional payroll. Congresspeople need to be grown up enough to accept the security protocols and be a good example. They are not too important to follow rules. The other congresspeople are following rules for entering the House chamber.

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