Dr. Fauci talks “game changer”

Dr. Fauci has said that he wishes Orange Florida Man (OFM) would use his influence amongst Branch Trumpvidians to encourage them to get vaccinated. He felt that it would be “a game changer” if OFM told his cult members supporters that they should get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity. Reasonable people know that every person who gets a shot helps this country and the world overcome COVID-19.

While it would be great to see OFM put the country and world ahead of himself and encourage his followers to get vaccinated it would really surprise me if he did so. If there’s one thing that OFM is, that’s a narcissist who only cares about himself and maybe at most his children. He does not care that over half a million people have already died from this disease, that thousands more are sick, and millions are facing financial ruin. OFM is more worried about himself and his imploding life than he does about his most fervent supporters. Also OFM would likely figure that if he were to encourage people to get vaccinated it would be giving President Biden a political victory.

I hope OFM proves me wrong and uses his voice to tell his supporters to get vaccinated. It would help get us back to something of a normal life much sooner. But I’m just looking at his pattern of behavior to date and concluding that it’s not likely he will lift a finger to help the US government get more people vaccinated. It’s sad. He could do so much good with his influence but only uses it for evil ends. Now that he’s being given an opportunity for good, it would not surprise me if he squandered this opportunity.

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