Dr. Fauci just destroyed Rand Paul to his face

Doctor Anthony Fauci testified during a hearing today that was to determine whether the NIH had helped funded research that one Rand Paul (Q-Horse’s Ass) believes may have contributed to COVID-19. After being badgered by said horse’s ass, Dr. Fauci finally had enough of Rand after the latter accused Dr. Fauci of lying to Congress.

Among other things, Dr. Fauci informed Rand that he didn’t know what he was talking about, and in response to Rand’s accusations of Dr. Fauci lying said, “if anyone is lying here, senator, it is you.”

Because the Orange Florida Man (OFM) is not much in charge of anything these days and we have an actual President now, Dr. Fauci was able to stand up to the likes of Rand and tell Rand exactly what was on mind. Not like the old days when Dr. Fauci had to be diplomatic and try to appease the likes of Paul or the Leningrad Caucus in the Senate and tiptoe around lest a confrontation provoked OFM into firing Dr. Fauci and replacing him with a potted plant.

I remember how much happier Dr. Fauci seemed in the days after OFM snuck out of Washington like the coward that he is. It is good to see that he’s able to stand up to Rand and the rest of the Leningrad Caucus in Congress and that President Biden and his people have Dr. Fauci’s back. It was so nice to watch the video of Rand getting told to shut the heck up for what I’m sure is one of the few times in his life. (Leaving aside his dispute with his neighbor, of course). It was so nice to see Dr. Fauci throw the truth back in Rand’s face, that yes, Rand was indeed lying.

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