Donald Trump’s worst fear is now playing out right in front of us

The insurrectionist known as Donald Trump is having a no good, very bad week. One of his fears has always been being irrelevant. And it appears that precisely is what is happening.

First off, the evil former guy had to shut down his blog. It appears nobody had any interest in reading it. This blog, which Trump boasted about, lasted less than one month. The lesson in this is that, as with his Presidency, the former guy was really lousy in his latest endeavor.

This was great news for the country, not-so-great for the former guy. Adding to the monster’s worries are mounting legal fees, which he reportedly described as “pain in the ass.” We are deeply non-sympathetic to the former guy’s anguish.

Then, of course, there’s the big one—the upcoming indictment. Trump’s worries about this are reportedly escalating as even old pals like Roger Stone are predicting his arrest.

And now, legal scholars are also predicting the imminent doom of the former guy. ABC’S Dan Abrams has said, “all signs point to a likely indictment”. These cannot be comforting words to the big orange.

So, as the days go on and the grand jury hears testimony regarding the former guy, Trump has been reduced to an impotent, irrelevant nonentity – one of his biggest fears. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

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