Donald Trump’s participation trophy

Elections have winners and they have losers. There’s no participation trophy awarded to the non-victorious participants. Nor are there power-sharing or shadow-government arrangements to be had. The winner takes it all. The previous president, a one-term farcical failure, and his sycophants don’t understand this. Their guy lost decisively, and while he’s fading into poor condition, irrelevance, and oblivion, there’s enough of his putrescence remaining to continue to befuddle and intoxicate the conservative party. They can’t quit him, and they don’t know how to move past him.

Enter Senator Rick Scott, who’s a corrupt former governor of Florida, a corrupt current senator, and a career criminal. Rarely has a single person done so much to harm so many, so it’s fitting that Scott would be in the orbit of the former president. They have a lifetime of crime in common, after all. It was no surprise that Scott would use an event this past weekend to flatter and get a photo-op with the attention-hungry erstwhile president. Scott and the Former Guy both have big, toxic egos to assuage.

We’ve read and heard about this past weekend’s goings-on in south Florida, partially held at the swamp known as Mar-a-Lago. There was a fundraising effort by the RNC, and it cost the group over $100,000 to use properties belonging to the previous president. At a fawning event at Mar-a-Lago, Scott proffered a “Champion of Freedom Award” to the former president. The previous president is champion of nothing resembling freedom, and Scott’s made-up award was nothing more than a silly metal bowl offered as a participation trophy to ingratiate himself to the one-time president. The sycophancy is truly ridiculous as the grovelers like Scott continue to seek favor with the has-been commander in chief and his deplorable base.

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