Donald Trump’s parallel universe

One thing that has always fascinated me is the world of the parallel universe. The theory behind the parallel universe is that for every major decision that one makes, there exists in an alternate reality, another universe with another “you”, who made a different decision. The number of parallel universes can reach into infinity. Picture it if you will. All these other universes existing in other realities, because of one single decision made, that changed the course of destiny.

It makes me wonder. Could it be possible that there is another universe where the American Monster was never president? Could there be another universe where Hillary Clinton was president, as she rightfully should have been? It’s an interesting thought. But we are not in that universe.

We exist in this world. And the bottom line is, that this world has changed considerably in the last few years. Luckily, Saturday’s MAGA protest turned out to be a big nothing-burger. Not many people showed up. The police were ready as we knew they would be.

That doesn’t mean we have nothing to fear. Because in this universe, America’s Monster opened his box, and let out mini monsters shaking with rage, and the desire to inflict pain on others.

In New York City this week, at a popular restaurant called Carmine’s, a server was beaten up by several Texans after they were asked to please wear a mask. And yes the Texans are facing charges! I do not think this would have happened, had the Monster not ever been in office.

Indeed, I would go so far as to say COVID would be a distant memory right now. It’s nice to think about alternate universes and realities. Maybe they exist. Who knows? But, the bottom line is right now we have only this reality. Because we have no way of going into the other realities that might exist, we have to fight like hell to keep our reality peaceful and good.

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