Donald Trump’s henchmen are suddenly dropping like flies

It’s been an interesting week to be sure. First, we saw the Feds raiding not only Rudy Guiliani’s apartment, but Victoria Toensing’s residence as well. Next, we saw that Joel Greenberg sold out CongressBro Matt Gaetz and confessed in a letter that he and Gaetz had committed some very serious sexual offenses. And then we learned that all around cannon of douche Roger Stone is also involved in this and hopefully finally going to prison for the rest of his worthless life. We also witnessed how a real President acts when President Biden not only hit it out of the park with his speech, but all the way out into orbit around the planet.

And, after all this, comes the news that one Joshua Duggar was arrested in Arkansas by Federal agents. Duggar is being held without bond in a northwest Arkansas jail. It’s not clear what he was arrested for yet and whether it was related to his past sexual conduct, underhanded business dealings, or something else entirely

I hope that as we wrap up this week it continues to be an interesting week. Hopefully the week will end with an arrest or two on the former guy front. Maybe we’ll get lucky and a big fish will get reeled in next week, or there will be a major intelligence coup that helps send the orange former guy to prison for the rest of his life.

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