Donald Trump’s goons are carrying on without him

Orange F—k Face (OFF) himself may be gone and on his way to spending the rest of his life in prison, but we must still be on guard. There are people running for office at all levels of government who see OFF as an example to be emulated or have positions even more extreme than what OFF and the GQP are espousing now.

Take, for example, a city council race in my former hometown of Dubuque. A man has filed paperwork to run in a special election for city council there. Among other things, he claims that the non-partisan city council is entirely controlled by Democrats, that the city’s sustainability efforts to maintain and improve the environment are an evil plot to establish “a new world order” that takes away rights from people, that the school board is made up of Marxists having the local public schools teach CRT, and local hospitals are inflating COVID-19 numbers. Of course, he offers no proof for his assertions, and his claims are all easily debunked. For example, thanks to CovidKim even if CRT was something that could conceivably be taught at the K-12 level public schools are not allowed to do so by law. (Leave aside that the city council has no authority over the board or schools anyways).


I don’t expect this guy to get very far given the makeup of the ward he wants to represent. However, his candidacy shows why it is so important for people to vote in every election, and not just big ones such as the Presidential or midterm elections. It is how we ensure that democracy is kept safe, and that OFF’s followers do not gain any more political power. The election on November 8 is not the only election this year. There will be lots of other elections, and it is vital to vote in each and every one of them.

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