Donald Trump’s day of reckoning

There are certain events in life that people dream of happening. People wait and wait for these events to occur. And then one of them does. When it does, it is not always as good as one imagines it will be. (Sigh. It’s BETTER! So, indictment day has arrived, and one thing is for sure: Alan Weisselberg is screwed.

There were more serious charges than many expected, grand larceny and falsifying records, to name a few.

None of what’s playing out should surprise Palmer Report readers as Palmer Report is one of the only members of the media to have long predicted not just indictments but more severe charges as well.

So now Weisselberg faces a choice. He will undoubtedly be doing a lot of soul searching in the upcoming weeks, although I am not sure he HAS a soul to search. But he has got to know he is in deep trouble, the kind of trouble only a former guy sycophant could be in.

And if you happened to catch Michael Cohen on CNN, that interview was terrific. Few people have been through what Cohen has, and one also has to remember that Cohen is the ONLY former employee of the big orange to have expressed remorse.

Cohen knows more about the process playing out before us than almost anyone. He seems to think the former guy’s kids will be targeted, also something Palmer Report has predicted. One can imagine the rambling video Junior could be making even now.


So, buckle up, friends and readers. The show is just beginning. Get your popcorn ready. Kick back and enjoy the karma. And get ready for one of the wildest political summers ever.

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