Donald Trump’s close political ally Thomas Barrack arrested

The net is tightening. Yet another has fallen victim to the curse of the former guy sycophancy. Tom Barrack was arrested on charges of illegal lobbying on behalf of-who else-the former guy.

The net has caught a big fish. Barrack, who chaired the odious insurrectionist’s 2017 inaugural fund, stands accused of illegally lobbying for his friend on behalf of the United Arab Emirates.

This is a seven-count federal indictment. He is also charged with obstruction of justice and lying to federal agents. What a guy!

It is reported that Barrack was trying to influence foreign policy positions. And he is said to have lied about all this to the FBI. What a guy!

This was one I did not see coming. But it provides us with so much information. It shows the Justice Department is on it. The FBI is on it. The good guys are on it. The former guy is not going to escape unscathed by all this.

The net is vast, and lady justice is creeping ever more stealthily forward.

This news should scare ANYONE who was close to the former guy and did anything naughty on his behalf. I suspect there are too many of those people to count.

Who will lady justice come for next? What do you think, my friends?

So, it’s like the Palmer Report has been saying for YEARS: The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they do grind.

Grab your popcorn and have fun watching the show. After four years of hell, I’d say we’ve all earned it–wouldn’t you?

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