Donald Trump sinks to Bill O’Reilly levels of desperate irrelevance

Some stories are so bizarre and pathetic that it is difficult to write about them with a straight face. This story is one of them.

So, as everybody knows, the former guy, fresh from many a golf game, sputtering at his irrelevance and most likely fortified from oodles of McDonald’s take-out, is looking to be on the road again!

The former guy made his first speech in a while this past weekend. No major News Network carried it live, not even Fox. It also did not help the former guy that he came off like the energizer bunny in reverse. The insurrectionist sounded apathetic, flat, and frankly boring. Extremely boring.

But now Trump has a partner in crime to tour with. That’s right. The former guy is taking his excruciating lousy show on the road with a partner. Now whom do you suppose that partner could be?

The answer to this question is one Bill O’Reilly. You remember him, I’m guessing.

O’Reilly(fired by Fox-insurrection party) made history for actually being fired by the Fox Non News network. Hey, people, that is no small thing! As you know, Fox does not like to fire their people, even if they make racist jokes, declare war on children in masks, and say and do just about anything, all with the Propaganda network proudly looking the other way.

But O’Reilly has had dozens of sexual misconduct accusations against him-sort of like the former guy. So, you know the saying: birds of a feather. So, it makes sense these two would embrace each other. Of course, not many people would want to share a stage with the orange-haired lunatic, but apparently, O’Reilly has no concerns about this.

The gruesome twosome has labeled their on-the-road horror story “The History tour.” I propose a different name. How about “The two old misogynistic has-beens tour?” It does make sense. So, who knows? They may be coming to a stadium near you.

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