Donald Trump Jr just blew it

Saturday Night Live often brilliantly satirizes the worst political excesses (Trump, his staff and enablers) and hypocrisy (Trump and almost all prominent Republicans) of our times. However, one area where they really missed the mark is in their portrayal of Eric Trump as a complete dolt, and Don Jr. as a somewhat together, bright guy. The characterization of Eric as a doofus who can amuse himself for hours with just a fidget spinner and snack of elementary school paste is accurate enough. However, in reality, Don Jr. is similarly as dumb as a box of rocks.

In true Trump form, Junior has a total lack of self-awareness — of himself and his family. He has taken to mocking President Biden via tweet, harping especially on the President’s supposed feebleness and feeblemindedness. It’s as if Don Jr. is totally oblivious that, as President, his namesake father, Donald Trump:

– routinely left signing ceremonies without signing the documents

– wandered past world leaders without acknowledging them or shaking hands

– had to take a golf cart to go a short (700 yards) distance in Sicily that every other G-7 leader easily walked

– garbled or made up words — whether speaking or writing them in tweets

– shuffled slowly down a ramp at West Point like a drunk trying to walk a line

– couldn’t raise a glass or bottle of water to his mouth with one hand

– couldn’t find his limo when it was waiting directly in front of him when he walked down the steps of Air Force One


It’s not clear which is worse – if Junior is aware of these things but still mocks President Biden for minor foibles, or if Junior is totally unaware of them. Either way, Donald Trump Jr. is a total loser.

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