Donald Trump Jr is not well


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The kids are most definitely NOT alright. At least, one of them isn’t. His name is Don Jr., but I prefer to call him an “evil spawn.”

So, the January Sixth commission started intensely with heartbreaking and poignant testimony from several Police Officers. Only someone forgot to give baby Junior the memo. Because in true baby form, the evil spawn had a temper tantrum about the testimony.

“It’s really fun watching Democrat (sic) be supportive of the police for the first time in.., EVER! The only thing that makes it better is watching Adam ‘full of Schiff’ Schiff pretend to cry.”

This came in the form of a tweet. What a guy! What a thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating post that was!

Junior, of course, is not fit to be in the same room as these officers. There are very few people worse than baby Junior, but the toddler’s amoral dad is undoubtedly one such person.

Speaking of the former guy and the GOP, we have thus far heard crickets from them. Cowardly, Kevin McCarthy reportedly did not even bother to watch the hearings. These are the people who supposedly “back the blue.” What a joke. I believe screw over the blue is much more appropriate for what they do.

Junior, of course, was eviscerated by many of his Twitter followers for posting this inflammatory and disgusting garbage, not that he likely cares.

It does make me curious about what the party of hate will come up with next. Will they claim the police are secret actors hired by Antifa? I am sadly not joking. The insurrection party is so far gone that I believe they will say and do just about anything to please their wretched leader.


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