Donald Trump is running on fumes

A person’s speech can tell us so much about them. Think about it. I am sure almost everybody has had a conversation with someone via phone before meeting that person. And usually, we form a picture of that individual in our minds. And much of that picture comes from voice. The inflections of one’s voice, the tones-all of it, can tell us so much.

President Biden is an excellent example of this. Let us pretend we don’t know what our President looks like. Well, we would still be able to identify many traits just by listening to his voice. Our President has a soft and reassuring tone to his voice. It is filled with compassion for the human experience and empathy for the everyday person.

And then there is the former guy. I don’t know how many of you listened to the orange-haired monster speak on Saturday evening. But if you did, his voice indeed told you many things.

It was the voice of a tired and wicked man. The tone was flat. The voice was monolithic and diminished. His speech pattern revealed an emotionless and apathetic man whose wickedness still swirled around him but had withered away to envelop him in apathy.

The speech was, frankly, a humiliating defeat for the insurrectionist. Most people know this. The former guy is over. His voice and mannerisms told us and showed us who he is at this point.

Anything the former guy says publicly can only hurt the GOP now. But do not expect them to get the message. They will continue to worship at the shrine of a man who is defeated and not germane to anything happening in this great country. And this worship will continue to be an undoing for them.

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