Donald Trump is going to hate prison

The Trump International Hotel in Washington DC is reeling from a huge loss of income and prestige. Once a hub of activity and like a second White House for Trump and his MAGA crowd, the New York Times reports it had more staff than guests only one week after Trump left. Its opulent lobby once thronged with diplomats, lobbyists and Trump’s family. Now its atmosphere is grim, and on a recent visit it was eerily reminiscent of the Stanley Hotel in The Shining, reports the Guardian.

Trump only received 5% of the vote in DC, so most locals are not mourning Trump or his hotel. In fact, for Trump’s many local critics, it is welcome proof of how quickly the cityis moving on without him.

It is doubtful that the hotel staff miss Trump much either. Trump’s favorite table is in a round booth at the hotel’s steak house, perpetually reserved for him, reports the Washingtonian, which obtained the “Standard Operating Procedure” document for the staff to follow upon Trump’s arrival. It even includes dialogue the server has to recite (with cues), and 7 steps (with 4 illustrated photos) just for how to present Trump with his diet coke. Trump always has the same meal (shrimp cocktail, well-done steak and fries) and they also have detailed instructions on how to present Trump with fresh mini-bottles of ketchup, which Trump must hear “pop” when opened. A tray of specific candies and snacks always has to be on hand.

This makes it even more clear why Trump prefers staying and dining at his own properties, and refused to stay overnight across the Country when he was having his super-spreader rallies. No wonder he charged us $3 for a glass of tap water — who knows how many it took to serve him that!

With this knowledge, we should be even more thrilled when Trump finally goes to jail. Trump is not going to do well there at all. Even a week for him without being catered to will seem like an eternity.

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