Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy hold a meeting of the mindless

Well, well, well. It appears a meeting is happening shortly. This meeting is between Kevin McCarthy (will never be speaker, insurrection party, California) and the former guy (Traitor, insurrection party, soon to be in jail.)

This meeting will most likely be filled with cowardly Kevin draped in sycophancy and offering up simpering platitudes to a bored and uninterested insurrectionist. So, what will be discussed? I am guessing not much beyond the former guy raging at the unfairness of it all. Of course, he may throw a few insults hapless Kevin’s way.

After all, Kev committed the unpardonable sin of admitting President Biden won the election. The sad sack of a buffoon is not about letting that one go. I am sure the January 6 commission will be discussed. Former Guy may try to get a promise that his pics will be seated.

That will not happen, especially if the pics are as dreadful as they most likely will be. Speaker Pelosi has the final say, and she is not about to let idiots like Matt Gaetz or Marjorie Taylor Greene on board.

I imagine a bit of food will be eaten. The former guy will ask for and demand compliments. Kevin will provide them. He will shower the insurrectionist loving creep in complimentary word salad, all the while probably meaning little of it.

This meeting will be interesting, and I sort of wish I could be a fly on the wall to laugh at it, but then again, the nausea might be too much.

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