Does Tucker Carlson know something we don’t?

Fox News is perpetrating a new Democratic conspiracy: the DOJ has gone radically left and is arresting Biden’s enemies even though they are innocent of any wrongdoing. I guess although Fox has pretty much abandoned Matt Gaetz, they like his message that the DOJ is corrupt and coming after an “innocent man.”

On his show Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson ranted on and on about how the majority of arrested insurrectionists are guilty of nothing more than thumbing their noses at President Biden. He cited several examples of some of them who are incarcerated at the DC jail – which Carlson describes as the worst place on earth – simply for walking into the Capitol, marauding the hallways, and talking about their rights and liberties. They had every right to be in “their” Capitol, simply wanting to speak to lawmakers, said Carlson. Of course that is what the majority of insurrectionists are going to claim, and Tucker knows this.

I am confident and have full faith that Merrick Garland is not about to put innocent people in the DC jail. Will every single one of them be convicted? Probably not. But that does not mean they are completely innocent and there is no evidence of their guilt. The con by Fox News and the former guy has already began: the insurrectionists are being painted as just more GQP victims of the scary and dangerous radical left.

Carlson went on to complain that the FBI is working on nothing else but arresting and prosecuting the poor “Q’Anon insurrectionists” while drug dealers and other criminals are going free. But Garland testified at his confirmation hearing that the investigation into events surrounding Jan. 6 would be his top priority, and he was nevertheless confirmed by Democrats and Republicans alike. It is a little late to be complaining about it now.

Does Fox News know something we don’t? Are there about to be arrests in the Congressional GQP? That would be great, but it is more likely that Fox is just getting way ahead of the game, laying the groundwork for how it will be handling the defense of any prominent GQP insurrectionists who may be indicted.

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