Dear CNN: stop hyping Caitlyn Jenner’s stunt campaign as if it were real

I rarely become furious at the major cable news networks other than Fox Entertainment (Fox News). The reason for that is because while MSNBC and CNN most definitely have their issues, I do not believe they are inherently damaging to people in the way Fox Entertainment is.

But today, I am pretty pissed at CNN. And I cannot stop myself from saying this: whatever were they thinking? CNN featured California Gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner on their network. Dana Bash interviewed her. This interview was a terrible idea, and I was and am deeply appalled at the network for actually acting like Jenner has any chance. And I will provide evidence that she doesn’t shortly.

But first, I want to say the interview was pathetic. Jenner seemingly could not answer the questions put forth to her. She struggled when asked if the 2020 election was won fair and square. She would not even cop to being a Republican even though she is running on the Republican platform.

Jenner said she does not “like labels.” If that is the case, I say to her. Why are you not running as an Independent?

She also said it might be all right to call her a Libertarian. But she did not sound decisive about even that. This woman is not a serious candidate for Governor, and CNN should stop pretending that she is.

And now some evidence to back up my claim. In a SurveyUSA Poll, Jenner picked up a whopping 5 percent. That’s 5 percent! Not exactly encouraging news for her.

And that same poll found 47 percent of Californians think Governor Newsom should stay in office. This campaign of Jenner’s is a joke. I hope CNN comes up with a more creative way to win ratings. This whole interview was just an embarrassment.

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