CPAC goes off the deep end

I was thinking the other day about what a beloved country we are. The United States is an extraordinary place. We have freedoms, and we have a country with exceptional beauty everywhere. And we have many different types of states. We have California. We have Florida. We have Hungary. Yes, you read that right. Hungary. Let me explain.

Of course, Hungary is not part of the United States. Hungary is a country ruled by Viktor Orban. It has moved into totalitarianism.

Only someone forgot to give Republicans the memo. Because CPAC has announced, their next convention will be — not in an AMERICAN city — not in the south or the west — no, the GOP plans to host their 2022 CPAC convention in Hungary. Budapest, to be exact.

CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Conference) has done some pretty bizarre things in its time, but this most definitely takes the cake. There were warning signs that showed this might happen. Failed human experiment, Tucker Carlson fled to Hungary several months ago to buddy up to Orban and host his show there.

More recently, Mike Pence has been praising Hungary’s policies. He has shown admiration for Hungary’s abortion policies. He even said he hopes the United States follows Hungary’s example in regards to abortion.


This whole story is disturbing. There is something terribly wrong about the GOP holding their conference in ANY country other than the United States. But it is particularly wrong to hold it in a country that goes against everything the United States believes in and everything we stand for.

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