Conservative Texas Mayor goes completely bonkers, resigns

Texas is going through a crisis due to the winter weather that has impacted the state. Millions of Texans were left without necessities such as running water or electricity. We can see the core philosophies of both parties at play in the responses to the crisis.

And to his credit, when asked for help President Biden stepped up to the plate. He didn’t ignore them or tell the likes of Cruz or Abbott to go fornicate themselves. He’s made it clear the Federal Government stands ready and willing to assist, and that he will deploy Federal resources as needed to help these states get through the storm.

Contrast that with the response of now the former Mayor of Colorado City, Texas, Tim Boyd, who made an ass of himself on Facebook. In a Facebook post he called residents without power or running water “lazy” and “weak” and said that his constituents were socialists for expecting local government to do their part. This is a guy who said, “the strong will survive and the weak will parish” (he seemingly meant “perish”) and basically residents should fend for themselves. He later tried to walk that back with an apology and has since resigned as Mayor.

This shows modern Republicanism in a nutshell. I know Democrats are not perfect but at least they’re trying and do their part to help those in need in our own country regardless of who they voted for in November. But apparently it looks like that’s a non-starter with Republicans, who would rather sit around and post on Facebook about how the people they serve are lazy and deserve what they get.

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