Come on, mainstream media, do better than this

Special Prosecutor, and “America’s Most Wanted”, look- alike, John Durham has indicted a lawyer by the name of Michael Sussman, for allegedly lying to the FBI about whether he was representing a client or not, and also because the statute of limitations runs out this weekend, and he had to do something to justify this idiotic investigation he was doing.

That’s it. That is the article on Durham. Nothing more needs to be said. But I do have something to say about the media. I wrote an article about CNN the other day. But it isn’t just them. It’s most of the main stream media. I am concerned with the topics, being chosen to talk about.

Did you know that the other night many pundits started their shows, with General Milley, and how people are calling him a traitor? That is a non-story. So, the mainstream media chose to lead with a non-story, once again showing they have learned nothing over the years.

Very few are talking about the stunning fact that one of our top Generals was deeply concerned that our President at that time could start a World War, and go batshit crazy with the nuclear codes. Am I missing something here? Is that not a story?

Same thing with Durham. This is nothing, and I do not plan to ever mention it again in any article, barring extraordinary circumstances. The media are not doing their jobs. Many people know this. Others might disagree with me and say, how do you know? I answer that question with this:

For years now, they have enjoyed pitting people against each other. Again, that does not include all of them. This does not include Brian Williams or Lawrence O’Donnell. This does not include Don Lemon.

But, there are enough of them where it’s become a major concern. Remember CNN many years back? Remember when they kept their cameras trained on the plane of the failed insurrectionist? It really does appear that they have not learn from their mistakes.


In some ways, the media helped get that moron elected. I’m getting very sick of hearing non-stories. I’m turning the station when they do this stuff, and anyone who is sick of them? I suggest you do the same.

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