Clarence Thomas flames out

Do you remember the days when the Supreme Court was not dysfunctional? Those days are long gone. In their place, we have a bunch of pouting and childish individuals, who lately cannot seem to stop themselves from spouting off about how misunderstood they all are.

First we had the queen of handmaids herself, Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett pouted about how the Supreme Court is so misunderstood. Oh, the unfairness of it all!

Now, Justice Clarence Thomas speaking out. Thomas appears to be upset at the idea that President Biden is looking at changing the make up of the court. Earnestly trying to argue his side, and not doing a particularly good job of it, Thomas proceeded to blame the dysfunction on people who don’t get what they want when they want it.

I have an idea why these miserable Justices are choosing to speak out now. They have been getting a lot of flak over their cowardly non-ruling in the dead of night for the Texas handmaid law.

This appears to bother them, and so they are breaking precedent, and speaking out in childish ways, while leaving their professionalism at the door. I do hope we can reform the court, because these people are clueless. It is interesting to note that the more competent members of the court are not publicly whining. This is most likely because they know they’re doing their job correctly so they have nothing to whine about.


I am not sure who we’re going to hear from next. Perhaps Brett Kavanaugh will speak out and blame everything on the Democrats and Budweiser. At this point who knows? I am glad that we have at least a few competent and brilliant Justices. I hope to see some changes within the court.

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