Chuck Grassley falls flat on his face

Once again Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Stone Age) has put his foot in his mouth. He did this by claiming that the MLB decision to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Colorado was going to cost Atlanta 100 million jobs. That would be a pretty neat trick given that the Atlanta metro area only has about 5.9 million residents and Georgia only has a total population of about 10.8 million. With Chuck’s math, each person in the Atlanta area would have to lose 16.9 jobs each to get up to 100 million jobs. As of last year, there were only the equivalent of about 123.19 million full time employees in the entire country. So using Chuck’s math over ¾ of the entire full-time US workforce would have to lose their jobs to reach 100 million jobs.

Chuck was in such a hurry to defend his racist buddies down in Georgia that he didn’t stop to check his math and fell flat on his face. He made himself look like a fool with that 100 million jobs remark. The man should have retired years ago, but I guess he’s determined to stay in there as long as possible until he figures his grandson Pat Grassley (R-Idiot) is ready for the job.


We used to have good Iowans on both side of the political aisle working hard for the people of Iowa. People like Robert Ray, Henry Wallace, Samuel Kirkwood, Harold Hughes, and Tom Harkin. What do we have now? Embarrassing partisan hacks like Joni Ernst, #CovidKim, and Chuck Grassley who only serve their benefactors, the former guy, and religious extremists. Being from Iowa is so embarrassing sometimes.

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