Chris Christie doesn’t stand a chance

Chris Christie wants to be President. He wants this very, very badly. The former New Jersey Governor has been popping up quite a bit lately and is almost always asked the question of whether he will run in 2024. And Christie always gives the same answer. That answer is that he is ruling nothing out. (In politics, that is code for yes).

And someone needs to break it to the ambitious Christie that he has no chance. Bridgegate is something that will be associated with Christie forever. But even if there was no Bridgegate, Christie himself has no path.

But the obstinate former Governor does not appear to realize that. And he also seems to be modeling his behavior after South Carolinian Nikki Haley. Not the best idea.

Christie, just like Haley, cannot make up his mind what to say and how to act in his behavior regarding the former guy. One minute he is praising him; the next, he’s insulting him.

All this is doing is showing his hypocrisy. Christie initially said Trump bears responsibility for the insurrection. You think? Christie also said if he does run, he will not be influenced by whether Trump runs or not.

But now, he is apparently having second thoughts about that strategy. Because Christie graded the former guy’s Presidency – and the king of idiocy gave Trump an A.

“Oh, listen, overall, I give the President an A,” Christie said, dooming whatever little chance he had anyway, which hovered at about zero. Now, with those words, he is into the minus numbers.

Christie also swiped at the other possible nominees for being so weak as to wait to see what the former guy would do before announcing their runs.

To Christie, I say this: you will never be President. Enjoy retirement. Make sandcastles on the Jersey Shore or something. Try to do something productive other than talk about yourself.

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