California recall race: what you can do at the last minute to save Gavin Newsom

Larry Elder is doing everything he possibly can to smear Governor Newsom and emerge victorious in the California recall. And we CANNOT let him. Elder (evil, insurrection party) is clear-eyed and cold-voiced about what he would do to California were he to win. He would destroy it.

So it is up to us to make sure that doesn’t happen. On the last remaining day before the recall, here are a few things you can do:

If there was ever a time to post a reminder on your social, this is the time.

Do you know anyone who resides in California and may not have voted? Reach out to them. Call or text them.

Stress the importance of this recall. Are any of you good with signs and fliers? Have some free time to put a few up in conspicuous places?

If you know of anyone who may have difficulty getting to the polls — volunteer to take them.

Let people know who Elder is and what his plans are for California.

Phone bank.

The goal is to reach each and every potential voter. And they’re out there. Believe me, there are people out there who have yet to vote.

Are you a member of any political groups or forums on Facebook or someplace else? If you are, mention this race there.

Volunteer at the polls.

Just because the polls say we’re ahead, take nothing for granted. Elder’s getting a lot of help in the waning hours.

Unhinged people like Megyn Kelly are tweeting away, smearing Governor Newsom.

We must fight harder than them. We must use our activism with everything we’ve got.

So, soon it will be over. This race will be a distant memory. And we hope that the right man wins.

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