California Governor recall race goes off the rails

It is happening, my friends. The brainwashing has begun. All over California, a fight is going on. This fight will determine the future of Governor Gavin Newsom. But GOP contenders — almost drooling at the thought of getting their corrupt little hands on the beautiful state’s Governorship have begun their dirty tricks.

The process is in place. The process is to carefully and skillfully tamper with the brains of their constituents, whispering their relentless propaganda in their ears.

“Be alert.”

“Democrats are going to steal it.”

“Free and fair elections do not exist anymore.”

Already Larry Elder and Caitlyn Jenner have begun their sordid complaints. Observe the polls, people! Missing ballots, anyone? All over the internet, outraged MAGA are howling the California recall is being stolen. It is important to remember this is what the corrupt GOP wants. They WANT the inmates running the asylum.

They WANT distractions and hate and non-lucid fury. It is what they live for. The good news is most polls show Newsom ahead. But we cannot take that for granted. And Elder is the problem. Caitlyn Jenner deserves congratulations. She has somehow managed to go DOWN in the polls and is nicely settled at one percent in the polls.

That is not stopping Jenner from implying Democrats are cheating. She is also bizarrely talking about Wheaties. You heard that right. Jenner is encouraging her supporters (all 10 of them?) to sign up to win”one of the original signed Wheaties boxes to support the campaign.” I suppose we should be glad it isn’t horse dewormer she is hawking.

Elder is openly boasting of what a great candidate he is, urging his supporters to be alert to any strange election happenings. So, in these final weeks, as the asylum runs rampant with ghastly conspiracy theories and crazed delusions, let’s continue to work to keep California’s sane Governor in power.

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