California Governor recall election gets even uglier

So, there is some news in the California recall election. First off, the word is that the number of ballots being returned is large in quantity and appears to be heavily democratic. However, this is not a reason to get complacent, as many Republicans wait till election day to vote. So please keep getting the word out whenever and wherever you can.

Larry Elder appears to have had eggs thrown at him while spending some time in Los Angeles. While I understand the hostility toward Elder, I’d prefer non-aggressive ways of protesting. We don’t want to become like the GOP.

What amazes me about this incident is that MAGA is howling in fury, accusing Democrats of being pro-violence. These are seemingly the same people who will not even acknowledge that Capitol Police were beaten and abused on January Sixth. Apparently, for MAGA, aggression and violence do not count when done by Republicans.

Seemingly determined to make California as miserable as possible, Elder has also come out in favor of reparations. But it is the slave OWNERS whom he wishes to see money given to.

Please, people — just a bit longer until we know the results but in the meantime, do what you’ve been doing and in the last week before this recall, let’s make it a priority to get the word out to as many people as humanly possible. We are within striking distance of a win, but that can only happen if we keep on with the fight.

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