Caitlyn Jenner just found a whole new way to embarrass herself

What would the end of the week be without a story about Caitlyn Jenner? Jenner (not a real candidate, insurrection party, California) has been running a sham campaign for months now, apparently determined to get her own reality show – excuse me – be elected California’s new Governor!

I cannot speak for the show part, but she does not stand a chance of winning the race for California Governor. And Jenner has been taking a lot of incoming lately.

It started with her outrageous idea about what to do with California’s homeless population.

“I see fields of green…..” Folks, these mysterious fields of green are Jenner’s solution to the homeless issues. All fixed!

Jenner suggested recently that all 60,000 plus be moved to “big open fields.” These fields would be in “someplace.”

Wow–sounds intriguing. I demand answers! For example–will these fields have crop circles among them? Will Marco Rubio be involved, hunting for space aliens?

These fields–how big are they? How many people do they house? Is there running water coming from anywhere except the sky? And if not, given that California does not see much rain, how will these folks obtain water?

Will there be porta-potties? How about food? What will these people eat? Grain?

Also, how will these people spend their time? Is this like a Woodstock thing? Will we see shining fields of laughing Tie-Dyed strangers running joyously through the meadows? Will Bob Dylan be there?

Jenner has not yet answered these important questions. Perhaps she never will. I hope she does. Because at this rate, I don’t want her to drop out. The pure amusement she is providing is excellent.

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