The bonkers unraveling of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has been removed from congressional committees. House Democrats and a handful of Republicans made it clear that reckless, undignified behaviors like Greene’s don’t belong in Congress. She may enjoy, publicly at least, the support of the majority of the House GOP, but she’s effectively powerless and useless to her constituents. Georgia’s 14th congressional district has nothing worthwhile to show for sending Greene to Washington, D.C.

As she made her case before the vote to remove her from committees, Greene said she was “allowed to believe things that weren’t true.” That’s not remorse, and it’s disconcerting to hear a legislator say she was not in control of her thinking or beliefs. Who made her harass minors who were survivors of school shootings? It’s not good to have representatives who indicate they may not be in full control of their faculties, especially since the previous president didn’t seem in control of his. Perhaps Greene got involved in politics for her own notoriety and to create dysfunction in Congress, not to help her fellow Georgians.

Now that she’s on no committees, Greene’s batty input no longer has to be considered, and she’s relegated to being just another member of Congress. The coming days will tell us if she lashes out or if she fades into a sort of oblivion. The Democrats handled the situation as well as they could have, taking it upon themselves to clean up Republican rubbish since the QAnon party couldn’t do that without external intervention. Greene may have raised her own infamous profile, but her constituents have nothing to show for letting her get past the primaries to run unopposed in the general election. Let’s hope that GA-14 sends someone fit for office next time.

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