Bill O’Reilly goes off the deep end

Bill O’Reilly is a has-been. Most of us know that. Fired from Fox Entertainment, O’Reilly has not been heard from much lately. He has a podcast. I am assuming most of you do not subscribe. But I felt compelled to point something out about the “No Spin” former Fox host.

If one were to look up “hypocrisy in a dictionary, Bill’s face really should be under the definition. To say this guy is biased does not do him justice. Another thing about Billy boy is that he seems quite ignorant. I wouldn’t say I like to use such a harsh word toward anybody, but exceptions must be made in some instances. And what O’Reilly did during Biden’s CNN town hall is worth mentioning.

O’Reilly seemed to be live-tweeting his thoughts and feelings about Biden in real time. I do not think many people care what those feelings are, but two tweets stand out because they make the case that this guy should never have been on the air in the first place.

Tweet one: “Mr. Biden says there is a “rise” in white supremacy. Where?” Tweet number two: “So where’s the Antifa question? Hello? Anderson?” Sigh. Could the man possibly be this ignorant?

The answer to that question is yes. Let’s break it down: The FBI has come out and SAID our most significant threat is Domestic Terrorism and White Supremacy. I rest my case on this issue. Antifa means “Anti Fascist.” I doubt Mr. no spin knows that. It is a fact. This is not spin. This is reality. It is also highly disrespectful to refer to the President as “Mr. Biden.”


It just goes to show that if as unqualified as Bill O’Reilly could have had his own show, there is hope in that regard for just about anyone.

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